Tuesday, February 14, 2006


College Bball Power Rankings or How I learned to love the four-guard offense.

Pretty simple. After the real rankings come out every week, I'll be putting my own list up. I can nearly guarantee that it won't be the same as theirs. Also, like ESPN's, this will be the top 16 teams in the country. Why, you ask? Because I like it that way, so THERE.

1. Villanova
--You beat number one, you are number one. To anyone out there that complains that Duke isn't in this spot, all I can say is that the Wildcats would win by 15 on their home court, 10 on a neutral court, and 5 at Duke. They're fearless, people.

2. Duke
--I might not like him, but J.J. Redick is indeed a player and he carried them to big wins over both UNC and Maryland. Big players play their best in big games. Just remember that.

3. UConn
--Beaten by the only team in the country playing better basketball than they are right now. When these guys are shooting half decently, they're better than the Knicks.

4. Memphis
--10 point win at Marshall is less than impressive until you consider that Marshall beat West Virginia this year. Nuff said.

5. Texas
--Can still be inconsistent at times, but arguably the most talented team in the nation besides UConn. P.J. Tucker is a monster and LaMarcus Aldridge is going to be a scary good NBA player.

6. Gonzaga
--They're here, and not higher up, because I'm still not sure they can 1. Find a reliable second scoring option behind Larry Bird v2.0 and 2. Play a lick of fucking defense.

7. Florida
--It's a lot more fun playing basketball when the five guys on the court actually want to help each other out and make the extra pass. Taurean Green>Anthony Roberson.

8. Pittsburgh
--While the Georgetown game was a bad loss, the UConn game won them a lot of brownie points nationally, as did their befuddling of West Virginia. A legit threat to get to the Elite 8 and maybe further, as their 10-man rotation is starting to really play well. If Ronald Ramon keeps up his shooting, this team makes a deep run.

9. West Virginia
--If Pittsnogle scores, they beat Pitt. Can't drop them that far for losing by 4 when their best scorer lays a half-snowman. Still my sleeper pick to win it all.

10. George Washington
--They play in the A-1o. They're freakishly athletic at every position, they have the best-named player in the country in Pops Mensa-Bonsu, but it doesn't take a genius to see that this team can still be had by a team that makes them shoot jumpers. Still though, they're a legit 3 seed in the NCAA's.

11. Tennessee
--They should probably be ranked higher, just because Bruce Pearl's brand of insanity is so entertaining to watch in action, but they should have handled Georgia easier than they did. Still though, they'll be interesting to watch come tourney time because of the style they play.

12. Ohio State
--Don't be surprised if they crack the top 10 next week. Dominated Illinois, and they've got the potential to be scary good this year and the next few. Terrific storm brewing in Columbus.

13. Boston College
--Only here because the other options didn't deserve this high of a ranking. Still, a gutty home effort against Duke a few weeks back, and they've been going about their business in a workmanlike manner.

14. Georgetown
--A tale of two second halves. Bottled up Pitt in one, got bamboozled by WVU in the other. Still, Jeff Green was a positive constant in both. Could shoot up the board soon.

15. UCLA
--Washington loss was a bad one, but considering their injury situation, this team has been very impressive all season. Ben Howland has them playing some good defense. They'll win big in the coming years.

16. Illinois
--Thou shalt not lose at home to Penn State. Thou shalt not lose at home to Penn State. Thou shalt not lose at home to Penn State. Thou shalt not lose at home to Penn State.

There you have it. Hit me back with comments, imediamente.

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