Friday, February 10, 2006


Exciting News

For all you fans of some of ComRadio's finest, I've got some exciting news. Never before in ComRadio history has such a collection of talent been assembled for one show. Prepare yourself to hear not only "The Historian" Joey Gulino, "The Grinder" J.J. Terlecki, and "The Mediator" Ryan Chadwick, but also yours truly, "The Mauler".

"That's great Chris, but what's the format?" You ask. Well, it's going to be a college basketball show. But more importantly than that, it's going to be a show where rye bread and Shelden Williams are mentioned in the same sentence. Where long-winded rants off the established topic will be encouraged and not censored. We plan on going bravely where no talk show hosts have gone before, comparing Adam Morrison to Dirk Diggler and J.J. Redick to a walking pile of feces.

You think you've heard it all on ComRadio, but you ain't heard nothin yet.

For anyone that wants to get in on the fun, you could start by dropping some name suggestions for this towering hour of basketball power.

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